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LWVVC President Nicki Junkins, Public Defender James Purdy And Gwen Azama-Edwards, Juvenile Justice Committee Chair met on Juvenile Justice issues on March 7, 2018 - Meeting with Purdy League of Women Voters of Volusia County representatives met with 7th Judicial Circuit Public Defender James Purdy on March 7, 2018 to discuss juvenile justice issues, particularly Direct File and Civil Citations. Public Defender Purdy noted that Civil Citations have been of great benefit in helping juveniles, but the biggest change for him was to get rid of Zero Tolerance concepts and look at needed rehabilitation rather than punishment of youth in trouble. This has caused a dramatic decrease in juveniles being sentenced but sadly it seems to be going up again because the use of Civil Citations is not being utilized to the greatest extent possible! The League’s Juvenile Justice Action Team supports the expanded use of Civil Citations and is meeting with local officials to encourage their use.

Capitol Report March 12, 2018: Read this end of session report about bill actions and get an update on the Constitutional Revision Commission. Each week while the Florida legislature is in session, LWVF Legislative Advocate Stephanie Owens posts her "Capitol Report" for the week, and we link it from this page. Be sure to keep up with this informative report.

Juvenile Justice - Civil Citations: Our April 10th Hot Topics program will present the President of the Florida State Attorneys Association and State Attorney R.J. Larizza and the President of the Volusia County Police Chiefs Association, Chief Stephen Aldrich of Holly Hill. They will discuss and update us on “Direct File and Civil Citations-Protecting Our Youth!” It is scheduled for Tuesday, April 10, 2018, at 5:30 PM at the Daytona Beach Police Headquarters, Second floor Community Room, 129 Valor Blvd., DB FL 32114. In the meantime, please review this excellent study of the subject at our state League's website:

The Education Action Team Recognizes Outstanding Student Exhibits at the Volusia County Studies Social Studies Fair Social Studies Fair.
Members of the LWVVC Education Action Team served as judges for the annual Volusia County Social Studies Fair and provided student awards for four outstanding middle and high school exhibits. Monique Fischer, Pat Cosby, Jack McConnell, John Hilderbrandt and Nicki Junkins represented the League as judges in the middle school maps, and middle and high school exhibits categories. For more information see the March-April Voter. Pictured here, left to right: Nicki Junkins, Logan Blanker, Ray Cintron, Savanna Cowan, Angelica Saggers, Madeline Chanfrau, Monique Fischer

Middle School Exhibits:    1st Place: Ray Cintron, Sacred Heart; Project Title: Battle of Leuctra -    2nd Place: Logan Blanker, New Smyrna Beach Middle School; Project: Center of the Universe Conflict. High School Exhibits:    1st Place: Madeline Chanfrau and Angelica Saggers, Father Lopez High School; Project: Gentleman’s Agreement: Anti-Japanese Sentiments -    2nd Place: Savanna Cowan, Father Lopez High School; Project: For the Sake of Divorce.

LWVVC Voter for March-April 2018: Read about all of our activities and work for the past two months and about our plans for this spring, and opportunities for members to serve. This issue also includes the very informative report from our representatives to the Legislative Summit in Tallahassee as well as reports from our Observer Corps on local government meetings.

Water in Volusia County:
Water in Volusia Co. Water in Volusia Co. We were fortunate to have Jim Gross, Executive Director of Florida Defenders of the Environment, come to speak at our general meeting in DeLand on Saturday, February 24th. Jim has an extensive background in water management and geology. His compelling and engaging speech covered some of the challenges and opportunities we face with our water in Volusia county. We followed up with lunch at The Artisan Restaurant and a good time was had by all. Pictured left, Sharon Leboffe, Nicki Junkins, Nancy Vaughn, and Jim Gross.

Legislative Update from Pam Goodman: LWVF President Pam Goodman will update us the results of the legislative session. Be sure to join us for this informative program, Saturday, March 24, 2018, from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm, at the Stonewood Grill, 2150 LPGA Blvd. (near I-95 exit from LPGA), Daytona Beach. The deadline is March 20th, but seating is limited, so reserve early by emailing Jeanne Tanke or phoning her at 386-492-3898. This is a luncheon meeting and will cost $20.00. When you reserve, please give Jeanne your menu choice of:

  • Vegetarian Spinach Salad: fresh spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, asparagus, and mushrooms tossed in olive oil
  • Bruschetta Chicken Sandwich: marinated chicken breast, provolone cheese, bruschetta, field greens, balsamic reduction drizzle, on toasted brioche bun, with French fries or cucumber/tomato salad
  • Chopped Cobb Salad: mixed greens, ditalini pasta, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, hard boiled eggs, bacon, chicken, bleu cheese, with house dijonnaise dressing
  • Dessert: fruit cup or vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookie
  • Juvenile Justice:
    Juvenile Justice Meeting Members of the LWVVC met with the 7th Judicial Circuit State Attorney R J Larizza on Thursday, February 15, 2018, to discuss recent proposed legislation regarding Direct File (DF), and the use of Civil Citations (CC) when dealing with Juveniles. He stated he would appreciate very much if the League, in continuing their great work, would join him in working to get a more comprehensive and holistic approach for juvenile justice. We need to be able to reach the kids who experience and see crime as an everyday way of life! The LWVVC will take our State Attorney up on his offer to help educate the public on these issues, hopefully during a Hot Topics presentation in the coming months! Visits will also be scheduled with the Public Defender and Chief Judge. Those League members interested in serving on the Local Juvenile Justice Committee should notify the LWVVC Juvenile Justice Chair Gwen Azama-Edwards. Pictured with the State Attorney is President Nicki Junkins, and Board members Pat Drago, Gwen Azama-Edwards (Local Juvenile Justice Chair)and Jeanne Tanke.

    Gun Safety: LWVF is very concerned about the deaths and injuries from guns, and our deepest sympathies go to all families who have suffered losses and injury. Arm yourself with the facts. Read LWVF's statement on the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas shooting. Also, you may view this graphic film which is recommended viewing by the LWVF and by the Florida Coalition To Prevent Gun Violence.

    Legislative SummitLegislative Summit:
    LWVVC sent four delegates to the League Legislative Summit in Tallahassee February 6-7, 2018, in addition to Pat Drago who is also on the LWVF Board. They met with Florida legislators to discuss specific issues and worked with other members from around the state to advocate for the issues of importance. Our Solar Team was awarded the Solar Champion Award in recognition for their outstanding work to advance solar energy. A huge thank you to our Solar Action chairs Nancy Vaughn and Suze Peace and their team for the amazing work they did to bring the solar cooperative initiative to Volusia County. For a full report on the Summit from our president, Nicki Junkins, click here.

    Constitutional Revision Commission:
    CRC We had a great turnout at our Monday, January 29th, evening meeting to hear all about the Constitution Revision Commission from Clay Meek, local attorney and representative of the Florida bar. If you missed it, we live streamed it, and you can still find it right on our Facebook page. Also, if you are interested in attending and letting your voice be heard at one of the CRC’s public hearings, here is a link to the remaining five meetings: http://flcrc.gov/Meetings/PublicHearings. Please consider attending one or more.

    LWVVC Advocacy Workshop January 20th:
    Advocacy Workshop Advocacy Workshop We had a great turnout for our first annual Advocacy Workshop! Just some of the techniques covered were: effectively using social media, confidently speaking to everyone from elected officials to your neighbors, and writing powerful letters to the editor. Shown here are two of the breakout section groups. To see the PowerPoint presentation outlining League Advocacy, see http://www.lwvvc.org/Documents/2018-01-20-LeagueAdvocacy.pdf. Many thanks to Nicki Junkins and the advocacy team: Nancy Vaughn, Linda Lenk, Deb Noah, Wes Lewis, Carla Christianson, and Ann Smith for their hard work.

    DACA: Read LWV President Chris Carson's January 12th statement on the Dreamers' Act and President Trump's reported statements of January 11th describing Haiti and African countries.

    The League of Women Voters (LWV) is a non-partisan organization to encourage the involvement of all citizens in government and the electoral process through education and advocacy. Please note that while the League of Women Voters may advocate for carefully studied issues, the League never supports or opposes candidates for office, or political parties, and any use of the League of Women Voters name in campaign advertising or literature has not been authorized by the League. In addition to using the links on the left, members of the public are invited to view the positions and issues studied by the LWVVC as listed on the right and below.

    We hope you will consider joining the League. Any person, age 16 and over, male or female, may become a voting member of the LWV. Associate membership is available to younger people. When you join the League of Women Voters of Volusia County, you automatically become a member of the Florida and U.S. Leagues.

    What can you do as a League member?

    • Attend our monthly meetings. Enjoy a meal while hearing a speaker on a timely topic or discuss an issue in a small group setting.
    • Voter Service: Join the Voter Service team – call Carla Christianson 386-677-1176 or email Carla at reclaim4all@gmail.com. You can:
      • volunteer to help register voters ·
      • join our Voter Service Speakers Bureau and help with presentations on proposed amendments to the Florida Constitution and other public policy issues that impact the community ·
      • assist with League monitored candidate forums
    • Volunteer for the LWVVC Observer Corps and attend local governmental meetings to observe and report happenings to the League. See LWVVC Observer Corps Code and the LWVUS Resource Guide. If you wish to learn more or to volunteer, contact Observer Corps Team Leader Pat Gadbaw. You may contact Pat by emailing mail@lwvvc.org, and it will be sent to Pat, who will get in touch with you.
    • Meet other interested citizens from around the county as you become informed about important issues.
    • Read League publications that keep you up to date on questions of national, state, and local interest.
    • Join a study committee to focus on an issue that especially concerns you.
    • Volunteer to help other community organizations learn about issues and election laws.
    • Assist with fundraisers such as the Politicos on Parade, held in election years, with local public officials serving as our models in a fashion show. Funds raised are used to help support the LWVVC's educational efforts. To see a list of the elected officials who modeled in our 2012 fashion show and the generous sponsors who help make our work possible, see our 2016 Politicos on Parade program which was distributed to all attendees.

    For a membership brochure and application, click here. Mail your application with your check to the LWVVC address listed. Or, you may contact the LWVVC by phone (386-238-7361) or email mail@lwvvc.org to request a printed form. To find out how to pay by credit card through LWVVC's secured PayPal account link, click here.